Neurodivergent Affirming Therapy in Santa Rosa California

neurodivergent affirming

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Neurodivergent Affirming Therapy

Neurodivergent affirming therapy is a strengths-based approach to autism, ADHD, high-sensitivity, sensory-processing differences, and other ways people experience their thoughts, feelings, and perceptions differ. Rather than think of autism or ADHD as diagnoses — which pathologizes symptoms as a problem that needs to be fixed — we view them as neurotypes, that is, differences that may require accommodations but also have unique strengths to be developed. As a neurodivergent person, I feel comfortable among other neurodivergent folks. I understand the accommodations you need to feel comfortable. Subdued lighting, activities to do during therapy (but not too many!), and respect for differences in cognitive, emotional, interoceptive, and sensory processing are hallmarks of my approach to therapy. I eschew treatments that center on behavioral modification and instead focus on ways your differences are your strengths. We develop coping strategies that are unique to your goals while helping you learn to understand your neurotype. This is the approach of neurodivergent affirming therapy.

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Buddhist Psychotherapy

Buddhism has a sophisticated model of the mind, the causes of suffering, and offers an approach to developing inner resources. Spanning dozens of cultures over thousands of years, Buddhist philosophy has a rich textual tradition, deep meditation teachings, and a pantheon of colorful archetypical characters that provide guidance towards our own personal development. In therapy, Buddhism’s diverse philosophy can offer insights and techniques for managing emotions and responding to life’s challenges. I don’t impose a Buddhist religious worldview on my clients, but we can bring in these approaches to the degree you prefer. We can also work on struggles with spiritual communities, conflicts with spiritual teachers, developing or refining a meditation practice, and integrating spirituality into daily life.

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I see clients in-person for therapy in Santa Rosa, or via telehealth throughout California.