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What is a Spiritual Lifestyle?

Spirituality is inclusive of all parts of a person’s life. A spiritual lifestyle is about cultivating the inner dimensions of deep meaning in everything we do. Physical health, career and livelihood, family and relationships, are all part of wellbeing and fulfillment. There must be a sense of connected wholeness between who we believe we are,… Continue reading What is a Spiritual Lifestyle?

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Accessing the Lotus Sūtra

The Lotus Sūtra​ is a magical place, filled with wonders beyond conception. There are infinite ​bodhisattva​s of various sorts, countless worlds illuminated by Buddha’s wisdom (Kubo and Yuyama 15), and a primordial Buddha materializing in a giant flying s​tūpa​ temple (Kubo and Yuyama 175), among other extraordinary occurrences. While the stated location for the teaching is Vulture Peak (Kubo… Continue reading Accessing the Lotus Sūtra

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What made you believe in Traditional Chinese Medicine?

I studied and practiced Daoism seriously for several years before I encountered Buddhism. I did a two-year immersive (meaning I lived at a rural community with cultivators, teachers, and students, where we practiced and studied every day) training in classical Chinese medicine, Qigong and Taiji, Internal Alchemy, and Daoist meditation practices. Although I have since… Continue reading What made you believe in Traditional Chinese Medicine?

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Gautama: Man vs. Cosmic Being

In studying Buddhism, I’m struck by the apparent friction between Siddhartha Gautama the man, and Shakyamuni Buddha who has conquered birth and death. Was Gautama a normal human who, through dedication and persistence, made the discovery of Enlightenment? Or was he a supernatural Being who incarnated in a human form merely for the purpose of… Continue reading Gautama: Man vs. Cosmic Being

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Reflections on Guanyin

The core of the buddhist disciplines is putting it into practice. There are many approaches to buddhist philosophy and science: the eightfold path, the seven-step method for developing radical compassion, the six perfectionizers, the five yogic stages, the four noble truths, the three principal paths, the two collections, and developing single-pointed concentration, to name but… Continue reading Reflections on Guanyin

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Affliction is Awakening – Reflections on the Platform Sutra

The Direct Teaching described by Master Huìnéng (638–713 c.e.), the founder of Zen, is at once immediate and elusive. In his teachings, compiled in the Dharma Jewel Platform Sutra (citations below refer to page numbers in this text), he describes his realization of the Original Mind in ways that are simple and profound: he begins… Continue reading Affliction is Awakening – Reflections on the Platform Sutra