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Decoding the Heart Sutra — part 5

The Heart Sutra is the most recited, copied, and studied text in all schools of Mahayana Buddhism. It reviews the foundations of Buddhist philosophy while revealing the profound Perfection of Wisdom: the doctrine of emptiness. In this class series, we will study the Sutra in Sanskrit, discuss the key philosophical points of Buddhism, and reveal… Continue reading Decoding the Heart Sutra — part 5

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You Have to Want to Escape

Why to get serious about a spiritual life. Defining samsara, the cycle of rebirth. The relationship between having compassion for yourself, and having compassion for others. Discussion of why even the seemingly good things of life in fact bring suffering, Review the four principals of karma. Discussion of karma as seeds, and as momentum. How to develop spiritual motivation before you get… Continue reading You Have to Want to Escape